An insight into the ultimate Lean Tour in Japan with Jeffrey Liker

Toyota Lean Manufacturing

The Leadership Network, along with 21 global Lean leaders, travelled across 3 cities in Japan to witness the excellent manufacturing practices of Toyota, Denso, Lexus and Caterpillar. The study mission was led by Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker, the author of the renowned ‘The Toyota Way’ series. Dr. Liker first wrote the book The Toyota Way in 2003 after spending two decades understanding and teaching what makes Toyota so unique in their leadership and culture of continuous improvement.

Members had an opportunity to ask each company what makes them world-leaders in operational excellence, with Jeffrey Liker guiding them through the how and why of lean culture, including Hoshin Kanri, Leader Standard Work, Kaizen and Leadership.

This ebook provides highlights and reflections shared by the participants during the tour to give you a unique opportunity to learn from Global Lean leaders how to achieve a sustainable culture of continuous improvement.

In the e-book, you’ll get an insight into:

- The Kaizen mindset at Toyota

Find out what makes Toyota culture unique and how Toyota Kata can transform your Lean programme deployment.

- Industry 4.0 meets Lean at Denso

Learn how Denso use IoT to connect people and machines through accelerated Kaizen

- Takumi craftsmanship at Lexus

Get an insight into the highest levels of excellence reached by Takumi masters at Lexus

- ‘Trust the process’ culture at Caterpillar

Understand how Caterpillar drive a culture of operational excellence daily

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