The Innovation Phrases We Hate the Most

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The term itself, innovation - can alienate many people, but even within the professional innovation community we have lots of phrases that we just don't like to hear. I am curious about which ones we hate the most. As a discussion starter, you get a few of the phrases and questions that I struggle with the most here.

"We need more disruptive innovation in the next two years."

You can't plan for disruptive innovation to happen. You can only create the framework and conditions to get a chance for this to happen.

"How do you define innovation?"

It is a relevant question, but it is hard to answer as there are no right or wrong on this. Companies must develop their own language on innovation and do so in ways that fit their specific situation.

"Let's just build a strong culture of innovation."

How can you build a strong culture of innovation if you don't know what it means. This is a key reason why so many companies fail to build this stronger culture of innovation.

"Open innovation will make everything better."

If you have trouble innovating with your internal resources, don't expect it to be easier when you tap into external sources.

"Innovation and R&D is the same thing."

Innovation is more than just technology and products; it is also about processes, services, and business models.

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