Toyota partners with The Leadership Network to launch a VR Masterclass on The Toyota Way

Toyota partners with The Leadership Network

LONDON – February 15 2021 – Today, The Leadership Network (TLN) has announced its partnership with Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK Ltd (TMUK), the leading company for hybrid vehicle manufacturing, to run the executive Masterclass “Leading the Toyota Way” in Virtual Reality (VR).

The pressures caused by COVID-19 are forcing companies to redefine their business models and rethink their processes so that outcomes can be maximised, and workforces can be trained to run organisations under new rules and regulations. Leading the Toyota Way VR Masterclass is designed to help executives build a sustainable roadmap towards optimised operations based on Toyota’s world-renowned Lean practices.

TLN has been working with TMUK and Dr. Jeffrey Liker for over five years, training more than 800 executives to date on how to create a Lean culture in their companies. The Masterclass captures the essence of Toyota’s approach: going into every day with a healthy sense of crisis. The Lean mindset is about engaging everyone in handling disruptions and solving problems more efficiently on a daily basis. With the Masterclass now delivered through Gemba, TLN’s award-winning VR platform, this knowledge can be accessed by thousands of companies in need of transformation worldwide.

Jeffrey Liker is a Lean expert of 30+ years and author of The Toyota Way. The Masterclass will combine Dr Liker’s knowledge of Lean leadership with immersive VR exercises and presentations from Toyota executives, delivering a highly practical learning experience for executives across the globe. Members who sign up with TLN will be able to access this expertise from the comfort of their homes by simply putting on a VR headset.

Tim Freeman, Deputy Managing Director at TMUK, said “having worked in partnership with The Leadership Network since 2015, we are excited about the next chapter in the delivery of Leading the Toyota Way Masterclasses. We are always looking for a better way and this is a prime example of how we can work more effectively with organisations to support their drive for continuous improvement.”

Nathan Robinson, CEO of TLN, commented: “We’re humbled that TMUK has decided to embrace VR and continue our partnership of bringing the knowledge of how to do things better, faster and cheaper to executives around the world.”

About The Leadership Network

The Leadership Network provides practical learning experiences that are immediately transferable and actionable in the real world, helping business leaders to make impactful and lasting changes to their professional lives and industries. To date, it has helped more than 3,000 executives drive change in companies such as Adidas, Philips, Sony, IBM and Land Rover. For more information, visit

About TMUK

Toyota Manufacturing UK produces Corolla Hatchback and Corolla Touring Sport models at its vehicle manufacturing plant at Burnaston, Derbyshire, and petrol and hybrid engines at its engine manufacturing plant at Deeside, North Wales. In 2020, TMUK produced 120,500 vehicles and 245,118 engines for export and local assembly at plants across the world. To date, Toyota has invested over £2.75 billion into its UK manufacturing operations and currently employs over 3000 members. For more information, visit

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Karolina Komarnicka

Head of Marketing

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