Powering global lean excellence and the future of electric vehicles with Aptiv

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Reaching new levels in operational efficiency
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Standardizing Lean practices with thousands of participants

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Reducing training sessions from 2 days to 4 hours

The Challenge

Aptiv is a $17 billion automotive technology giant that is transforming how companies manufacture electric vehicles.

To to stay ahead of unprecedented increases in demand, Aptiv embarked on an ambitious program to revolutionise the efficiency of their supply chain division with Lean Six Sigma processes.

Aptiv needed to immerse 13,000 employees across 11 global manufacturing facilities and achieve dramatic results within 3 years.

They turned to Gemba to design an interactive program with over twenty modules that allowed them to unite the power of proven Lean principles with the focus and practical learning provided by our virtual reality platform.

The Solution

Create a powerful Lean Six Sigma training program

Which unites theory with practical exercises in VR

Train large groups across multiple manufacturing sites
With no travel, stress or hotel bookings required
Deploy constant program and technical support
To ensure easy adoption of new technology and fast results

The Results

Gemba enabled the Aptiv team to create a groundbreaking OPEX training program which allowed their teams to collaborate from anywhere, at any time. This reduced the time and money spent on travel and created a more compelling and focused environment in virtual reality.

The Aptiv team were committed to creating a learning experience where participants could pick up a headset and immediately be immersed in an environment where they were focused on building new skills. They recorded that staff could recall 75% of the learning content after 24 hours – a significant increase compared to online learning.

Gemba fast-tracked Aptiv’s deployment of this training, delivering six figure savings and ensuring that individual training sessions could be reduced from 2 days to 4 hours, while increasing the power of the learning experience.


Easy setup, no PC, and no wires. There is no doubt that this solution is the best… It enables high-quality training in a fraction of the time and can be deployed across the organization quickly.

Edward O’Brien

Director of Operational Excellence, Aptiv

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