Coca-Cola’s VR-Based Safety Training, 

a transformation in workplace safety.

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Reaching new safety standards with VR excellence
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Combining the power of Lean principles and safety outcomes
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Ensuring commitment to 14 life-saving rules

The Challenge

Coca-Cola wanted to create a program focusing on their ‘Zero is Possible’ safety initiative within Supply Chain. Their goal was to ensure that the mindset across the organisation focused on reaching zero safety incidents.

Previously safety training was delivered in-person and relied heavily on techniques such as live role-play and immersive simulations which were costly, with slow delivery pace. The barriers to travel during Covid materially changed the landscape for safety training and Coca-Cola needed a digital solution where participants still had the impact of hands-on learning.

Through extensive data analysis the Coca-Cola team identified 14 life-savings rules which would transform and standardise safety across the organisation.

Previous training was considered to be too academic, repetitive, and not engaging. To achieve long-term behavioural change participants needed content to inspire real action. They needed a high-impact, memorable experience to anchor their learning.

The Solution

Craft a safety training program, underpinned by Lean principles
Gemba created learning content which was linked to concrete behavioral change and measurable outcomes
Gemba united the learning content with our VR platform
Allowing participants to learn by doing and making VR an extension of Coca-Cola’s working environment
Seamless customer support ensuring  confidence for Coca- Cola
Ensuring all Coca-Cola participants would feel comfortable and confident in achieving their training goals in VR

The Results

Gemba created an interactive program with Coca-Cola where they could seamlessly train thousands of participants in one standardized environment.  This would dramatically decrease the need for travel and ensure that the ‘Zero is Possible’ training could be rolled out three times faster than using traditional methods.

Their team would have the opportunity to collaborate across multiple markets by leveraging innovative technology to upskill their workforce and maximize operational efficiency.

Coca-Cola participants rated the Gemba Virtual Reality training 9/10, stating that it increased their ability to focus and that the learning experience was more immersive and engaging than online learning.



Virtual Reality has the greatest potential to transform and optimize supply chain operations

Damodar Hegde

Head of Manufacturing Excellence for the Coca-Cola Bottling Investment Group Supply Chain Leadership Development


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