We’re bringing the power of virtual reality to the British Embassy in Paris today as part of Britain & Northern Ireland’s GREAT campaign.

The UK-France Tech Event is celebrating British tech excellence with the best emerging UK-based start-ups, seeking to share stories of tech prowess from pioneers who ‘challenge the status quo’.

Enter, Gemba!

Alongside trailblazing companies such as Emperia, Builder AI, and Jaguar Land Rover, we’re showcasing how we leverage the power of technology to unlock a world of virtual and immersive possibilities for the world’s most ambitious businesses.

Mission: Anything’s Possible

Gemba leads the Virtual Reality space with our unique platform and learning expertise that spans over 25 years, incorporating tried-and-tested techniques and methods with impactful technology. We support businesses to achieve their goals by driving knowledge retention, training engagement and workforce upskilling across the board.

We’re exhibiting alongside the most exciting UK-based tech start-ups of 2024, bringing our visionary VR solution to Paris.

This is a fantastic opportunity for over 140 VC, Corporate, and Start-Ups delegates to discover Gemba’s innovative VR and AI tools that are driving business impact for our clients. We disrupt traditional methods, supercharging enterprise training.

Discover Gemba

Industry giants such as Carrefour, Dior, Origins Fund, and VivaTech will have the opportunity to jump into the Gemba VR platform. They’ll experience a glimpse of our revolutionary world of immersive learning, with interactive games and collaborative exercises at their fingertips.

Our experts will demonstrate how we tackle improvement opportunities, utilising Gemba’s award-winning expertise to develop scalable solutions with a proven, tangible business impact.

Driving our Reach

Our showcase at this prestigious event is testament to the future-defining role of Virtual Reality in supporting the strategic innovation and development for global companies.

Following an $18 million Series A funding round in 2023, Gemba’s growth sets the precedent for what successful VR training looks like.

The growth in demand for VR Enterprise training is accelerating as companies cut down on global travel to reduce their carbon footprint. Gemba makes achieving Net Zero goals possible with our world-class learning tools that enable streamlined training from anywhere, anytime.

We’re a versatile and ambitious market leader, set to further disrupt the world of traditional face-to-face and online training through 2024 and beyond.

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VP Sales

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