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The Programme

Join Professor Richard Wilding OBE as he guides you through proven frameworks, interactive exercises, and real examples that give you a critical insight into how the most resilient supply chains in the world manage the unpredictable and deliver.

Day 1
Get Agile
Richard shows you how top companies isolate and break down complexity, how to test and measure your agility, and how to run dual operating models to conserve cost, and boost responsiveness.
Day 2
Get Resilient
Discover how Schneider Electric connect their suppliers together and deliver the goods through their transparent, digitized supply chain. Uncover new ways to bring value to your customer beyond just speed, and reduce your cost to serve.
Day 3
Get Supported
Learn how to make partner collaboration a true competitive advantage. Create your own framework for strengthening your supply network and get the model for ensuring rapid, sensible response at the source of problems.

Experience executive education like never-before.

Learn, network, collaborate, and benchmark with experts and peers in stunning Virtual Reality.

Meet Professor Richard Wilding.

Richard is a one of the World’s leading authorities on supply chain strategy, a founding father of modern risk management and the face you see on CNN when the world is looking for answers to sudden, disruptive problems.

Without the travel: save time, money, and hassle.

Why attend our Masterclass?

innovation system roadmap


Get winning methods for making your complex supply chain simpler, more agile and resilient to disruption.

networking in VR


Find out what people just like you are doing to meet customer demand in the most volatile time we’ve ever known.

benchmark your innovation journey


Take sensible action, proven by the world’s most resilient supply chains.

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"From top management business planning to very practical tools on an operational level"

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