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The Programme

Join Rowan Gibson in the world's first Innovation Masterclass to be delivered through Virtural Reality. Make innovation work as a disciplined, measurable, and sustainable process in your business with the Four Lenses of Innovation as Rowan helps you build a roadmap for sustained innovation in turbulent times.

Day 1
The Innovation Engine
Rowan Gibson demonstrates proven Innovation is a system of components and you will assess how the components of this Innovation Engine work best for you.
Day 2
The Unbreakable Foundation
Explore designing an innovation infrastructure that works with the objectives and metrics that ensure Innovation performance.
Day 3
The 4 Lenses of Innovation
Apply The 4 Lenses of Innovation framework to unleash business creativity and speak with Electrolux Professional to see how they have applied this framework to bring products to market in times of crisis.
Day 4
Next-level Innovation
Explore a practical approach to develop customer-centric products like Google and the tools to manage your innovation pipeline, closing the gap between rhetoric and reality.
Day 5
Making Innovation Happen
To complete the Masterclass, Rowan Gibson explains practical ways to develop business-wide capabilities and create a blueprint to achieve world-class innovation in your company.

Experience Innovation like never before.

Collaborate and benchmark with leading experts from Electrolux, and Ikea exclusively through VR.

Meet Rowan Gibson.

Bestselling author, thought leader and consultant to Fortune 500, Rowan Gibson is one of the world’s most renowned experts in achieving innovation excellence.

Without the travel: save time, money, and hassle.

Why attend our Masterclass?

innovation system roadmap


Sustainable and realistic methods for improving your processes to set all your teams up for success and gain competitive advantage in your business.

networking in VR


Explore best practice with senior leaders, directors, and VPs from other industries who have navigated similar challenges in their companies.

benchmark your innovation journey


Build a specific, actionable, and realistic plan to improve performance using insights from today’s leading global companies.

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"It challenged me to think about how we innovate, and what I and the company need to do to deliver innovation excellence."


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