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The Programme

Join Frank Piller and Tim Simpson as they will show how you can advance your development processes with ground-breaking technologies while reducing costs, increasing efficiency and marketing faster with the innovation-driven approach.

Day 1
Intelligent Engineering
Frank Piller and Tim Simpson will demonstrate the state-of-the-art Intelligent Engineering Framework to build a future-proof foundation for efficient digital engineering.
Day 2
Intelligent Simulation
Speak with Siemens and discover the ways to reduce your time-to-market and decision-making with digital prototyping and simulation technologies.
Day 3
Digital Manufacturing and Design
Explore the technology-driven approach to generate new ideas and revenue streams and learn from Thelios how to create ground-breaking solutions.
Day 4
Data-Driven Innovation
Explore a practical approach to develop Systems & Platform Architecture for complex products from Philips and discover the ways to apply system solutions to your processes.
Day 5
Leading Change
Speak with Volvo about leading the digital transformation while increasing team agility and create your own roadmap to drive change within your engineering processes.

Experience Intelligent Engineering In Action.

Learn, network, collaborate and benchmark with experts and peers like never before in stunning Virtual Reality.

Meet Frank & Tim.

Frank Piller and Tim Simpson are world-renowned experts in digitalisation, design and innovation. Frank is Professor of Management Technology at RWTH Aachen University and Tim is Professor of Engineering Design & Manufacturing at Pennsylvania State University.

 Without the travel: save time, money, and hassle. 

Improve performance using insights from today’s leading global companies. 

Why attend our Masterclass?

innovation system roadmap


Sustainable and realistic methods for improving your processes to set all your teams up for success and gain competitive advantage in your business. 

networking in VR


Explore best practice with senior leaders, directors, and VPs from other industries who have navigated similar challenges in their companies. 

benchmark your innovation journey


Build a specific, actionable, and realistic plan to improve performance using insights from today’s leading global companies.  

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"Important insight for both inspiration and realization of digital and AI ambitions"


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