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The Programme

Join Jonathan Francis to learn how you can achieve a competitive advantage by accelerating solutions, differentiating your product in a crowded marketplace and ultimately reducing product failure.

Day 1
Why New Products Fail?
Develop a competitive advantage with customer-centric innovation and learn how to eliminate product failure.
Day 2
Deploying Digital Analytics
Apply proven tools to unlock data-driven creativity and learn what your customers really want you to develop.
Day 3
Innovating at Speed with Agile
Explore how to empower your business to grow with new ideas and ways of working that deliver excellence relentlessly
Day 4
Rapid Testing for Rapid Success
Learn how to prototype, test and bring ideas to life to stay ahead of the competition.
Day 5
Creating your Blueprint
Build a roadmap and immediately transferable action plan to relentlessly create new products that your customer will love to buy.

Experience Product Development Best Practice.

Learn, network, collaborate and benchmark with experts and peers like never before.

Meet Jonathan Francis.

As an Ex-Googler and Award-Winning Creative Strategist, Jonathan has made waves globally with his proven customer-centric innovation method.

 Without the travel: save time, money, and hassle. 

Improve performance using insights from today’s leading global companies. 

Why attend our Masterclass?


Sustainable and realistic methods for improving your processes to set all your teams up for success and gain competitive advantage in your business. 


Explore best practice with senior leaders, directors, and VPs from other industries who have navigated similar challenges in their companies. 


Build a specific, actionable, and realistic plan to improve performance using insights from today’s leading global companies.

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"Blown away by the transparency and sheer quantity of concrete examples shared and their quality - 5 stars!"

Director, Danone

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