Supply Chain 4.0

Leading the Agile Supply Chain VR.

Deliver an adaptive response to your supply chain and achieve world-class results with a Customer-Centric Supply Chain.

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The Programme

Join Richard Wilding to learn how you can achieve a competitive advantage by designing a collaborative customer-centric Supply Chain that quickly adapts to market changes.

Day 1
Unlocking the Agile Supply Chain
Develop a continuous competitive advantage within your end-to-end Supply Chain with agility and customer centricity.
Day 2
Perfect Order End-to-End
Apply proven tools to achieve the perfect order end-to-end and enable customer centricity in your supply chain.
Day 3
Reducing Complexity
Tame complexity with end-to-end analysis and improve supply chain profitability.
Day 4
The Collaborative Supply Chain
Enable cross-functional agility and create a collaborative ecosystem for your supply chain to achieve growth in constant volatility.
Day 5
Achieve World-Class Results
Build a roadmap and immediately transferable action plan to future-proof you supply chain with agility and customer-centricity.

Experience Supply Chain best practice.

Learn, network, collaborate and benchmark with experts and peers like never before.

Meet Richard Wilding.

As an award-winning Supply Chain leader, Richard has helped countless Global Fortune 2000 companies future-proof supply chains globally.

Without the travel: save time, money, and hassle.

Why attend our Masterclass?


Sustainable and realistic methods for improving your processes to set all your teams up for success and gain competitive advantage in your business. 


Explore best practice with senior leaders, directors, and VPs from other industries who have navigated similar challenges in their companies. 


Build a specific, actionable, and realistic plan to improve performance using insights from today’s leading global companies.  

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"From top management business planning to very practical tools on an operational level"

Director, Coty

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