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Leading the Toyota Way VR.

Learn from Toyota how to never settle for less than perfection – from systems to individuals.

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The Programme

Join Dr Jeffrey Liker as he guides you through proven frameworks, interactive exercises and immersive success stories to give you a critical insight into how you can thrive even in volatile times with Lean Leadership.

Day 1
The Toyota Way
Learn why Lean Leadership is more important than ever and experience the Toyota Production System in practice.
Day 2
Explore problem-solving with Toyota and understand how you can use Kata to overcome challenges.
Day 3
Continuous Improvement
Understand how Toyota uses Obeya to manage activities, ensuring the highest standards.
Day 4
Hoshin Kanri
Learn how Toyota deploy and succeed in their goals and determine how you can improve your planning and goal-setting system.
Day 5
Bringing it Together
Explore how AstraZeneca have integrated Lean Leadership, compare it to Toyota’s approach and create your own roadmap for advancing Lean to improve the overall performance of your organisation.

Experience The Toyota Way in Action.

Learn, network, collaborate and benchmark with experts and peers like never before in stunning Virtual Reality. 

Meet Jeffrey Liker.

Jeffrey is the uncontested authority on The Toyota Way and a world-renowned expert in successfully implementing Lean Leadership.

Without the travel: save time, money, and hassle.

Improve performance using insights from today’s leading global companies.  

Why attend our Masterclass?

innovation system roadmap


Sustainable and realistic methods for improving your processes to set all your teams up for success and gain competitive advantage in your business. 

networking in VR


Explore best practice with senior leaders, directors, and VPs from other industries who have navigated similar challenges in their companies. 

benchmark your innovation journey


Build a specific, actionable, and realistic plan to improve performance using insights from today’s leading global companies.  

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"Excellent deep dive into The Toyota Way; a first-class experience."


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