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The Programme

Join Professor Frank Piller as he guides you through proven frameworks, interactive exercises, and real examples that give you a critical insight into how connect with your customers, engage your workforce, and launch virtual products and services in the Metaverse.

Day 1
Frank shows you what the Metaverse means to companies, what technologies and competencies are needed, and how you can take advantage of radical new capabilities that are open to your consumers and employees.
Day 2
Discover how complex operations can engage in the metaverse at relatively little cost or risk, what business models are already being deployed by companies like yours, and how these opportunities turn into hard revenue.
Day 3
Learn what to prioritise now, how Metaverse solutions can solve some of your biggest problems today, and how to plan projects in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Leave with an action plan to lead and launch a game-changing Metaverse pilot project in your company.

Experience executive education like never-before.

Learn, network, collaborate, and benchmark with experts and peers in stunning Virtual Reality.

Meet Professor Frank Piller.

Frank is a professor, a government advisor, and the most energetic tech evangelist you’re likely
to meet. He shows big companies how to build radical new capabilities into their business with
passion and precision.

Without the travel: save time, money, and hassle.

Why attend our Masterclass?

innovation system roadmap


Get no-nonsense methods for reducing your carbon, waste, and water, without losing competitive advantage.

networking in VR


Find out what people just like you are doing to meet tough sustainability targets in their companies. 

benchmark your innovation journey


Take sensible action, proven by the world’s most sustainable companies.

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"From top management business planning to very practical tools on an operational level"

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