The Lean Learning Accelerator.

"It is very cost efficient"


"Next level training experience"


"Fantastic after 14 months of video meetings"

Novo Nordisk.




Designed by world-leading Lean experts like Peter Hines and Jeffrey Liker.

Not just

software on

a screen.

Environments and tools you can interact with for proven learning benefits.


guidance and


Every step is taken care of by our dedicated Customer Success team from ideation to scale-up.


that matters.

Save time and money with best practice gained from the Gemba network of learners.

Cutting training time and increasing content retention.

Immersive learning solutions simplify lessons and increase personal impact for employees. Up to 75% content retention after just one day.

Saving time, and the planet.

Team members can cut their travel time from 60% to 20%. High impact on people, low impact on the planet.

Tried and tested.

Lean content, learning techniques, and expert support. All developed with companies such as Aptiv, BD, and Philips.

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