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Join Gemba’s ground-breaking Virtual Reality Masterclass, led by Dr Jeffrey Liker, the author of the Toyota Way. You will be transported to Toyota’s shop floor and experience the core of how they apply the most advanced levels of Lean Manufacturing.

Meet other global leaders in an exclusive, closed group of 25 participants and focus completely on how to apply lean excellence in your company.

Global leaders at your fingertips

Dr Jeffrey Liker

13 times a Shingo Prize winner for Research Excellence, Jeffrey K. Liker is known around the world as a leading Lean expert and the independent authority on The Toyota Way. Jeffrey Liker is Professor Emeritus of Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan and travels the world speaking, training, and coaching senior professionals in Fortune 500 companies.

The Programme

Join Dr Jeffrey Liker as he guides you through proven frameworks, interactive exercises and immersive success stories to give you a critical insight into how you can thrive even in volatile times with Lean Leadership.

The Toyota Way
Learn why Lean Leadership is more important than ever and experience the Toyota Production System in practice.

Explore problem-solving with Toyota and understand how you can use Kata to overcome challenges.

Continuous Improvement
Understand how Toyota uses Obeya to manage activities, ensuring the highest standards.

Hoshin Kanri
Learn how Toyota deploy and succeed in their goals and determine how you can improve your planning and goal-setting system.

Bringing it Together
Explore how AstraZeneca have integrated Lean Leadership, compare it to Toyota’s approach and create your own roadmap for advancing Lean to improve the overall performance of your organisation.

You heard it here first
Excellent deep dive into The Toyota Way; a first-class experience

VP of Supply Chain BASF

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Date Location Masterclass Price
18-22 March 2024 Virtual Reality Toyota Manufacturing UK, AstraZeneca £5,995 ex. VAT
23-27 September 2024 Virtual Reality Toyota Manufacturing UK, AstraZeneca £5,995 ex. VAT
11-15 November 2024 Virtual Reality Toyota Manufacturing UK, AstraZeneca £5,995 ex. VAT


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