Meet the Team.

Nathan Robinson – Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Nathan Robinson

Max Lyons – Chief Commercial Officer

Chief Commercial Officer

Max Lyons

Angela Cruickshank – Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Angela Cruickshank

Inés Hernández – Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff

Inés Hernández

Frankie Cavanagh - Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Frankie Cavanagh

Jonathan Guse – SVP Executive Consulting

SVP Executive Consulting

Jonathan Guse

Olivia Briggs – VP, Accounts

VP, Accounts

Olivia Briggs

Alina Vasile – Head of Product and Design

Head of Product & Design

Alina Vasile

Olivia Braddick – Head of Brand

Head of Brand

Olivia Braddick

Sophie Bognaux – Head of Customer Success

Head of Customer Success

Sophie Bognaux

Marius Dinca - VP, Executive Consulting

VP, Executive Consulting

Marius Dinca

Javier Gil-Roldan - VP, Executive Consulting

VP, Executive Consulting

Javier Gil-Roldan

Paula Barrio Lopez - Learning Experience Manager 

Learning Experience Manager

Paula Barrio Lopez

Gabriela Balta – Logistics Manager

Logistics Manager

Gabriela Balta

Flavia Dale – Events Manager

Events Manager

Flavia Dale

Alec Stone - Lead Engineer

Lead Engineer

Alec Stone

Oliver Chandler – Learning Experience Designer

Learning Experience Designer

Oliver Chandler

Kate Cadman – Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive

Kate Cadman

Personal Assistant to CEO

Ella Abbott

Georgina Appeagyei – Customer Success Executive

Customer Success Executive

Georgina Appeagyei

Joe Mayhew – Sales Talent Manager

Sales Talent Manager

Joseph Mayhew

Peter Howarth – Customer Support Executive

Customer Support Executive

Peter Howarth

Chris Snowdon - 3D Artist

3D Artist

Chris Snowdon

Sales Manager

Toby Roper

Kuba Molewski - QA Lead

QA Lead

Kuba Molewski

Zuzana Kypri – Learning Experience Coordinator

Learning Experience Coordinator 

Zuzana Kypri

Jeff Woodage – Credit Control Manager

Credit Control Manager

Jeff Woodage

Charlotte McKeown – Assistant Accountant

Assistant Accountant

Charlotte McKeown

Madeleine Taylor – Copywriter


Madeleine Taylor

Cameron Nevison – QA Tester

QA Tester

Cameron Nevison

Hannah Bivand – Junior 3D Artist

Junior 3D Artist

Hannah Bivand

Hsuan Chao - UX Designer

UX Designer

Hsuan Chao

Clinton McDonough - Product Coordinator

Product Coordinator

Clinton McDonough

Adeyemi Thompson - Engineer


Adeyemi Thompson

Rohan McReynolds

Technical Support Executive

Rohan McReynolds

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