Crisis can spark transformation and renewal

Become an OBEYA® Member today and drive business value in a post-COVID19 world.

The OBEYA® Membership includes

If there ever was a time when organisations needed a culture of improvement, it is now. We need an army of problem solvers.

And, it is your responsibility to set the strategy, lead your people and put change into action to ensure the short, medium and long term success of your business.

The TLN community and our COVID19 Advisory Board have put together a membership offering to arm you with everything you need to survive and thrive in a post-COVID19 world.

During lockdown
Connect with peers 24/7 during the crisis through our WhatsApp group.
Discuss the latest developments, hear stories and get invaluable information directly from TLN members.
Engage in private digital 'War Room' sessions from your computer, tablet or phone.
Each 'War Room' is an information packed digital roundtable with approx. 10 senior executives and led by an award-winning expert.
After lockdown
Attend unlimited award-winning OBEYA® Masterclasses up to December 2021
Learn from experts and experience first-hand how companies like Toyota, Amazon, Nike and Airbus are surviving and thriving in a post-COVID19 world.
Collaborate and network in stunning virtual reality with the trailblazing Gemba Learning platform.
Experience the latest practical learning technology with a state-of-the-art Oculus Quest headset sent to your home with everything you need to access the GEMBA Live virtual world. (Launching November 2020)

“The War Room makes you think outside the box and opens up many hidden opportunities.”

Director Global R&D

Become an OBEYA® Member today for £10,990

Your OBEYA® Membership includes fully-flexible access to all our Masterclasses, the GEMBA® Live Virtual Reality Platform, The War Rooms and TLN Business Continuity Group.

The Digital War Room

An exclusive digital roundtable series connecting groups of 10 cross-industry VPs and Directors for problem-solving and knowledge sharing to successfully overcome today’s unprecedented business challenges.

Gemba Live

A virtual reality environment for collaboration and networking from anywhere in the world, designed to help companies reduce unsustainable business travel.

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