Bentley Testimonial Bentley Testimonial Bentley Testimonial

"10/10 Completely hits the mark"

Chief Digital Officer, Bentley

Unilever Testimonial Unilever Testimonial Unilever Testimonial

"Practical learning. Inspiring and tangible in equal measure."

R&D Director, Unilever

HP Testimonial HP Testimonial HP Testimonial

"300 years of experience in 3 days."


BASF Testimonial BASF Testimonial BASF Testimonial

"Excellent deep dive into The Toyota Way; a first-class experience."

VP Continuous Improvement, BASF

Foxconn Testimonial Foxconn Testimonial Foxconn Testimonial

“We must innovate – here’s how to!”

Vice President, Foxconn

Johnson & Johnson Testimonial Johnson & Johnson Testimonial Johnson & Johnson Testimonial

“You could witness Innovation at work. Inspiring.”

Vice President, Johnson & Johnson

Levi Strauss Testimonial Levi Strauss Testimonial Levi Strauss Testimonial

"Inspiring, engaging and energising.” 

Senior Director, Levi Strauss

Hager Testimonial Hager Testimonial Hager Testimonial

"Great insights for building a learning organisation.”

Senior Vice President, Hager

Electrolux Testimonial Electrolux Testimonial Electrolux Testimonial

“It opened the mind; An innovative, powerful and very interesting meeting.”

Director, Electrolux

GSK Testimonial GSK Testimonial GSK Testimonial

"Extremely useful, not just theory, real application."

Director, GSK

Philips Testimonial Philips Testimonial Philips Testimonial

“Extremely well prepared. Great content, passionate speaker and excellent networking.”

Director, Philips

HID Global Testimonial HID Global Testimonial HID Global Testimonial

“Opened up a new world of opportunity for us, both internal and external.”

Vice President, HID Global

‘Great step for us; it confirmed our strategy and gave us ideas to implement’

VP R&D, Bayer